Our volunteers make it possible for Erie Cancer Wellness to offer programs and services at no cost to individuals and families touched by cancer.


We’re always looking for passionate people to help us with our mission. Safety is our priority. Please note, all current volunteers are required to wear a mask when volunteering. Please complete our volunteer form so we can connect with you!

Volunteer Activities

  • Front Desk: 2-4 hour shifts, Monday-Friday 9am–5pm
  • Clerical Support: Needs vary throughout the year, includes mailings, data entry, and other similar administrative work
  • Program Support: Help our staff and other experienced volunteers prepare programming spaces and materials for upcoming programs
  • Family Event Support: May include weekends and evenings
  • Community Events: Represent ECWC at various community outreach events
  • Program Facilitation: Check out our Volunteer Your Professional Services page
  • ECWC Annual Fundraisers: Weekends and longer shifts involved

Club or Group Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year Erie Cancer Wellness has the need for groups of 4 or more to help on various activities like program preparation, family events, facility cleaning and annual fundraisers. To find out more about group volunteer opportunities, please contact Jackie Wassel at jwassel@eriecancerwellness.org or 814.490.0663

College or High School Internships and Volunteering for Service Hours

Please contact us at info@eriecancerwelnesscenter.org or call our office to inquire!

Would You Like to Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please complete all fields and return this application. An interview process will follow.

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Supporting Wellness

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Erie Cancer Wellness Center relies on our friends, donors, partners, and community supporters. The organization is 100% privately funded, not receiving government monies or insurance reimbursement. Funding for The Erie Cancer Wellness Center is provided by tax-deductible donations from a caring community of individuals, families, foundations, and businesses.

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