Dealing with cancer is stressful – on your body, mind, and spirit. And when you factor in the side effects that specific treatments cause, any stressors can be amplified. That’s why it is important to find things that allow you some control of each day – activities that lift your mood, enhance your sense of well-being, and simply make you feel good. 

About Our Program

Healing Arts

At the Erie Cancer Wellness Center, we believe a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle is essential for those impacted by cancer.

Healing Massage

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Enjoy a thirty-minute session for either healing or gentle massage. You’ll enjoy a tranquil atmosphere where gentle touch will work away your stress. Appointments are held on Mondays and Wednesdays and must be booked in advance.

These are available to those with a cancer diagnosis and in active treatment.
Please call Kim Connelly at 814 651-0920 to secure your appointment.

Facilitated by Anita Gray, LMT, CMLDT

Evening Massage

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Evening massages are available and provided by Jessica Anaya, LMT. We are thrilled to  provide an extended timeframe for those who are unable to join us during the day.

Please call Kim at 814-651-0920 to schedule your appointment.


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Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes the body’s relaxation response and natural healing ability. Reiki dissolves the illusions of fear and empowers your soul to reveal your loving and authentic truth. Filling your entire being with love and peace so that you may overcome all obstacles.

Please call Kim Connelly to schedule an appointment 814-651-0920

Facilitated by Caroline Karle, Reiki Master

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Supporting Wellness

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Erie Cancer Wellness Center relies on our friends, donors, partners, and community supporters. The organization is 100% privately funded, not receiving government monies or insurance reimbursement. Funding for The Erie Cancer Wellness Center is provided by tax-deductible donations from a caring community of individuals, families, foundations, and businesses.

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