Information & Education

We offer information and education for anyone on their cancer journey. From lectures hosted by top medical experts, legal, and financial experts to spirituality and self-care, our information and education programs can help participants and families prepare for difficult times while providing much-needed support.

Education We Offer:

  • Nutritional information from registered dieticians and herbalists
  • Lectures & Discussions on current health topics related to cancer and overall wellness
  • Presentations and discussions on spirituality and the cancer journey

About Our Program

Information & Education

We pride ourselves on offering information and education programs from experts in their field. There are so many aspects to a cancer diagnosis from health and welfare, to legal, to just learning a better way to understand how this diagnosis may affect us. Do I need a living will? What should I do about social security disability? Our legal expert is here to answer those questions. Why am I so forgetful? Why can’t I remember why I walked into this room? A myriad of medical and psychological doctors come in to talk about that phenomenon known as ‘chemobrain’.  Why are my skin and nails so dry? What can I do about my scars? Again, our medical community is chock full of experts that are willing to share their expertise in a lecture followed by a Q&A session after. If there is a topic you’d like to know more about, call our program director, and make a suggestion-we’ll do what we can to provide what you need.

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Supporting Wellness

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Erie Cancer Wellness Center relies on our friends, donors, partners, and community supporters. The organization is 100% privately funded, not receiving government monies or insurance reimbursement. Funding for The Erie Cancer Wellness Center is provided by tax-deductible donations from a caring community of individuals, families, foundations, and businesses.

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