There’s no way around it – living through cancer treatment, and it’s side effects, requires energy and strength. There are daily battles with fatigue, stress, and sleep. That’s where our wellness and exercise classes come in. By staying active, you will have more energy and less fatigue. These programs will also help you face the late-term and long-term side effects of cancer treatment. Our experts will guide you so the amount and type of activity you take part in feels good for you – body, mind, and spirit.

About Our Program

Wellness and Movement

Regular exercise has been proven to have both physical and mental benefits to those diagnosed with cancer. Exercising has been shown to reduce treatment related fatigue and assist with balance issues. It can help to strengthen your physical body, your lungs, and your heart. Emotional benefits include the reduction of depression and anxiety, therefore improving one’s quality of life. Our movement classes can easily be adapted to your level of comfort and ability. Our instructors are oncology trained and understand the limitations as well as benefits of certain moves and exercises. We offer a mix of yoga, qigong, meditation, and strengthening classes led by certified trainers and physical therapists. Try everything once and see what you most enjoy!

  • Gentle and Restorative Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Guided Imagery and Relaxation
  • Mindfulness and Meditation QiGong
  • Strength & Balance
  • Fit & Fabulous
  • Plus many more

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Supporting Wellness

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Erie Cancer Wellness Center relies on our friends, donors, partners, and community supporters. The organization is 100% privately funded, not receiving government monies or insurance reimbursement. Funding for The Erie Cancer Wellness Center is provided by tax-deductible donations from a caring community of individuals, families, foundations, and businesses.

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